0.28g BBs

0.28g bbs are a must for gas rifles and some pistols – in AEGs you will get an improved grouping compared to that of 0.25g bbs and have become increasingly popular for medium to long range AEG’s like the Scorpion EVO and GBLS rifles.

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  • Valkyrie Precision Elite Premium 0.28g 3000bbs Bottle

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    Now in a bottle! easy to carry and better for storage. 3000 bottle of premium quality, elite precision 0.28g bbs. Improve the performance and accuracy of your rifle or pistol with these great bbs. "Chooser of the Slain" Valkyrie's new bb's taking the UK by storm.
  • ASG Blaster Tracer BB Green 0.28g 3300 Bottle

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    0.28g BB's compared to 0.25's gives you a similar performance in terms of range in a variety of rifles, pistols and SMGs, however what we find with 0.28g Tracer ammo, you get a tighter grouping of your shots giving you more consistency and improved accuracy in most rifles and pistols. Our Tip: Take two speed loaders, load one with 0.28 Tracer green and the other with 0.28g Open Blaster or Blaster Devil. Then load your mid or low capacity magazine with one plunge of tracer, then two of regular 28s. This way you don't get a constant trail of tracer illuminated ammo (which might give away your position), when you fire your tracer rounds - then fire and manoeuvre you way to the target, give your opposition the impression that they are facing multiple enemy with tracer and regular ammo coming from multiple locations and turn a bottle of ammo into a force multiplier. *Dependent on the consistency of your airsoft gun.
  • Nuprol RZR 0.28g BB 3300 Bottle

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    0.28g are for those of us looking for that next level performance. A great price for heavier weight ammo and a great choice for for any player that chooses his shots.
  • Vorsk 0.28g BB 2000 Bottle

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    Vorsk's 0.28g ammo is great for rifles & pistols and a strong choice for recoil users, gas fanatics and pioneers of precision. Triple polished, 5.95mm (+/- 0.01mm) airsoft bb's in a 2000 bottle, a great sized bottle for players that don't just spray and pray (you know who you are.)