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Mounts and covers for airsoft scopes

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  • Mount Lens Protection

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    A great insurance policy for your airsoft scope. ASG's Mount Lens Protection flip up cover protects against direct strikes to the glass.
    • x2 acrylic lenses
  • AAP-01 Pistol Rail Set

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    Customise your AAP-01 Assassin with this great rail set. Attach  the 10 slot rail to the top of your pistol and have plenty of real estate for optics and mount the 6 slot rail to the underside of your front end for lights, lasers and anything else you want to attach to enhance your GBB Assassin from Action Army and activate your beast mode.
  • Holosight Cover

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    Low profile scope protector for a variety of EoTech inspired holo-sights including 551/552 and 558 holographic models. For airsoft use only.
  • Action Army AAP-01 Rear Mount

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Convert the top slide of your AAP-01 with this fantastic 4 slot RIS to accept your choice of  compact optics.  
  • Aim-O Top Rail 25/30mm Mount Base

    Rated 0 out of 5
    A fantastic one piece rifle scope rail mount from Aim-O for airsoft use. Compatible with both 25mm (1 inch) and 30mm diameter scope tubes with multiple screws for maximum contact with the scope, reducing movement through vibration. Each mount also comes with a short RIS section ideal for adding a back up dot sight.
  • ASG 1 Inch High Scope Mount

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    Great for larger diameter scopes with a one inch tube. This two piece mount can be easily attached to any 20mm weaver/picatinny rail.
  • AK Series Metal Mount Base

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    AK style rifles require a very specific L shaped mount to give you the ability to add a scope. ASG's AK mount base is compatible with a wide variety of AK variants (with the side mounting block on the receiver.) This mount gives you a short weaver/picatinny rail to attach a red dot or magnified optic.
  • Cantilever Mount – Weaver/High

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    An outstanding 1pc cantilever tactical ring mount for 30mm or 25mm (1") tube tactical rifle scopes (Vantage models included) from Hawke Optics. Made from steel and aluminium, a great one piece mount with two locking nuts for the weaver rails. The high mount allows you to position your scope so it sits above most traditional iron/back-up sights without interference.