Airsoft can be a dangerous game without the proper safety gear, we believe you need the best kit to get the best and safest equipment for the task at hand. From great eye protection to mesh lower and full face mask.

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  • Nuprol Mesh Lower Face Shield V3

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    Version 3 of Nuprol's mesh lower face shield for airsoft game protection. The v3 mask has a fantastic combination of quality mesh front grill, comfortable padded fabric panels and mesh ear protectors. One size fits most with elasticated adjustable support straps.
  • ASG Protective Glasses

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    Fantastic price, fantastic performance ASG's Protective glasses are designed specifically for use with airsoft equipment. One size fits most, these protective safety glasses are ideal for airsoft and  with ventilation in frame and nose bridge, that provides comfortable protection with full peripheral vision. Choose from Clear lens for any environments, smoke/tinted for bright environments and yellow lenses which enhances contrast, and lets you see the target clearly (also great in low light woodland.)
  • Nuprol Pro Mesh Goggle Eye Protection

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    Comfortable large mesh eye protection for airsoft from Nuprol. The Pro mesh goggles feature sponge padding around your eyes for comfort during extended periods of use and flexible, adjustable band to prevent movement. CE safety certified  with the best possible spacing of mesh holes to allow maximum amount of light in for greater visibility without compromising your safety. Pro mesh goggles are made from high quality steel mesh, 2x thicker than the industry standard.
  • Wiley X Anti-Fog Lens Spray

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    25ml Anti-fog spray from Wiley X. Compact and easy to carry this great spray reduces fogging on you lenses. Don't let fogging ruin your fun! Comes complete with polishing cloth. Suitable for use on Wiley X products, PC and glass lenses (if you have specialist lenses e.g. Smith Optics do check with the manufacturer of your glasses or polycarbonate protection if it has been pre-treated with a specialist coating. Application of this product may cause a reaction that compromise the integrity and performance. We do not recommend this product for use with Smith Optics lenses.)
  • Nuprol Shades Mesh Eye Protection

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    A great choice for mesh eye protection from Nuprol airsoft, a slim line, wrap around glasses style, mesh goggle for airsoft skirmishing. Made from a high-density, high strength polymer frame, steel mesh lens that is double the thickness of the industry standard and a high quality extreme sports industry standard, adjustable safety strap. Designed specifically for airsoft with safety, comfort, durability and visibility at its heart.
  • Bolle Tracker Safety Glasses

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    Choose from our selection of clear, smoke and high contrast yellow lens Tracker safety glasses from Bolle. Trackers are our top picks for airsoft use, with a good seal around the eyes to provide maximum protection. The lens housings are ventilated top and bottom to help reduce chances of fogging. Supplied with microfibre pouch and adjustable and removable headband.
  • ASG Mesh Metal Mask w/Cheek Pads & Ear Protection

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    ASG's mesh mask gets an upgrade with added protection of mesh ear panels to protect from direct strikes. One size fits most with adjustable, elasticated rear straps with sturdy buckles.
  • ASG Mesh Metal Mask w/Cheek Pads

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    One size fits most, adjustable, metal mesh mask with padded fabric cheeks for maximum comfort without compromising on safety.