Tactical hard knee shell trousers to smart black uniform trousers and everything in between for bellow the belt clothing for police, military, tactical, security and combat gaming. It doesn’t matter how hard your work or how hard you play we have a pair of camouflague or solid colour combat and cargo style trousers.

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  • Assault Trousers

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    Looking for a low cost pair of camouflage combat trousers that don’t fall apart after the first use? That don’t wash out after the first wash? Comfortable, durable and look good? Normally we’d say you are asking too much, but not with kombat UK’s great ACU style Assault Trouser. It takes all those boxes and more, and is available in regular British Terrain Pattern (BTP) camouflage and the darker BTP Black urban camo.
  • OG Heavyweight Trousers

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    A great pair of hard wearing outdoor, uniform or workwear trousers from 28” - 52” waist sizes. The ‘heavyweight’ trouser is 100% cotton and great for year round use.
  • Gen 2 Elite Trouser

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    Fed up with knee pads falling down round your ankles? Hard knee shell trousers are a great solution to that very problem. Viper Tactical's Gen 2 Elite Trouser is US Woodland, VCAM and VCAM Black camouflage patterns.