Berets & Headwear

From berets to bush hats, scrim scarfs to snoods, we have a range of hats and headwear products specifically for UK Armed Forces and Cadets.

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  • Tactical Snood

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    A great tubular design, elasticated cotton material that can be worn as a balaclava, hat or scarf in hot or cold climates. It's a fantastic piece of kit you can use everyday and should be kept in your pocket or pack - just in case.
  • Scrim Net Scarf

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    Scrim net is another extremely useful and versatile pieces of kit for outdoor gear. It can be worn as a scarf to help keep you warm, a concealment veil, helmet cover which you can tie in other foliage to and more.
  • Bob Hat

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    Most of your heat is lost from your head, so keep it in, keep yourself warm when needed with this basic esssential for life!