Slings & Lanyards

Weapons retention is an important way of keeping your weapon system tethered to you. One, Two or Three point Slings for rifles and SMGs and bungee lanyards for pistol retentions.

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  • Tactical Pistol Lanyard

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    Tactical lanyards are a great way to prevent expensive or mission critical equipment getting lost in the field. If you are running a pistol in a fabric holster, lanyards are a recommended way of retaining your pistol and preventing it from falling our of the holster and getting lost.
  • Single Point Bungee Sling

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    Single point bungee sling for airsoft rifles with QD (Quick Detach) buckle and length adjustment.
  • VX Sling

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    A great two point sling for AR/M4 platforms, AKs, SR25, full length shotguns and many more long guns (175cm overall length