Vest & Plate Carriers

Plate Carrying systems are still the best way to provide as much protection as possible, carry as much gear as you need and still be able to run, jump and crawl your way to mission success. From high speed plate carriers for training and deployment to cheaper assault vests and plate carriers for airsoft and combat gaming.

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  • Elastic Mag Pouch Cummerbund

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Transform your Buckle Up Gen 1/Gen 2 plate carrier, Special Ops plate carrier or other similar carrier with this amazing cummerbund that replaces your existing cummerbund and gives you a comfortable, secure fit with eight low profile magazine sleeves. Viper's elastic mag pouch cummerbund is a one size fits most replacement cummerbund with a bungee cord size adjustment and hook and loop front retention.
  • Cadet MOD Assault Webbing

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    Designed specifically for today's Cadet needs. Kombat UK's excellent Airborne style webbing set with fully padded hip belt and shoulder straps for maximum comfort over long periods of use. The Cadet MOD Assault Webbing set in BTP camouflage, comprises of 2 (x6) M4 ammo pouches and x3 utility/water bottle pouches. This great webbing set has a fully adjustable yoke and tough quick release belt buckle.. Great for cadets in the field!
  • Buckle-Tek Conversion Kit

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    It's not always easy to just get a new rig, not just the cost, but the space they can take up - but that doesn't mean you can't bring you old vest up to the new standard. The Buckle-Tek Conversion Kit can take the older version Kombat UK Jump Plate Carrier and other similar vests and allow them to integrate with Buckle compatible systems.
  • Guardian Assault Panel

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    Another great addition to your MOLLE compatible Assault Vest from Kombat UK's Guardian range. The Guardian Assault Panel increases your load carrying but also keeps you slick and streamline.
  • Guardian Waist Bag

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    The Guardian Waist Bag is a great accessory pouch you can attach to the Buckle-Tek JPC (but not exclusively to.) Drop the Guardian waist bag onto your rig and have a handy pouch to delve into easily and keep your mission essentials ready - perfect for slick vests like the Buckle-Tek JPC and similar where you can't easily and comfortably attach utility type pouches.
  • Spartan Plate Carrier

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Lightweight, flexible and ideal for beginners. This simple MOLLE compatible plate carrier gives you plenty of space front and back for pouches, hydration bladders and more.
  • Buckle-Tek JPC

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Kombat UK's 2020 update to their original JPC with the addition of the Buckle-Tek system, that takes the Jump Plate Carrier design from an M4 only platform to an adaptable system, that can interface with a variety of pouches and set up for various roles. The Buckle-Tek JPC is designed for airsoft, combat gaming, cosplay and training.
  • Buckle-Tek Panel MOLLE

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Take your Kombat UK Buckle-Tek JPC to a new level with this great accessory platform. Convert your rig to accept any MOLLE pouch and make it a truly versatile platform for airsoft and combat gaming.
  • VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen 2

    Rated 0 out of 5
    A smart, slick, adjustable Plate Carrier with laser cut MOLLE and fully integrates with the Viper VX accessories and other MOLLE pouches. One size fits mosts.
  • Scrote Pouch

    Rated 0 out of 5
    A brilliant hanging utility pouch that increases your load carrying and designed to work with VX Utility Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers.