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  • 5.11 EDC-K USB-C Rechargable Keychain Torch

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    Part of 5.11's fantastic EveryDay Carry (EDC) keychain series. Lightweight and powerful 150 lumen USB-C rechargable torch that can be attached to your keyring for those times you are without a torch.
  • Sock & Awe Crew Socks

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    Time to show your feet a good time - YES! they are comfortable, YES! they are breathable but more importantly they are fun and different to boring old black duty socks - with the Stars & Strips of the USA on your feet you instantly feel more 5.11 and can tackle the day and everything it has to throw at you (it's all about the mindset - happy feet=happy head.)
  • RUSH LBD Duffel Bag

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    Looking for a kit bag that is built to last, spacious and comfortable? You are always ready with a 5.11 RUSH LBD. Available in 3 great sizes LBD's tick the box for anyone with a need to store kit and/or travel. LBDs are outstanding organised kit bags for police & military and make for great car ready bags. Travel for work a lot and need to carry the world on your back? LBD has got you, doesn't matter if its a short stay or a longer deployment, choose from medium MIKE (40 litre), large LIMA (56 litre) or extra large XRAY (106 litre) RUSH LBD, there is something for everyone.
    Tac OD