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  • RUSH100 Backpack

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Check out 5.11's biggest and versatile deployment bag, the RUSH 100 backpack is 60L bergen ideal for changing situations. Quickly detach  the side pouches and convert them into a shoulder bag for missions away from the main bag.  Heavy duty and comfortable, the RUSH100 features padded, removable waist bag, padded and adjustable height shoulder straps with a custom flat aluminium frame and horizontal fibreglass rods for torsional regidity.
    • S/M Belt: 91cm Hip (30-36")
    • L/XL Belt: 89-114cm Hip (35-45")
    Ranger Green
  • Full Size PLCE 120 Litre Bergen BTP

    Rated 0 out of 5
    "everything including the kitchen sink!" That's what most people think of when you see a full size bergen strapped to someones back and whilst you can fill this 120 litre (full size) PLCE bergen with more than you'll need, you can also prepare and execute a number of outings and expeditions with this durable and comfortable bergen. Like the issue bergen, you can remove the two side pouches and incorporate them with the yoke provided to make an excellent 20 litre  'rocket pack' day sack. Perfect for military use, this bergen uses BTP camouflage pattern which works well with UK forces MTP or US Multicam patterns.