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  • Techtonic Quake 8

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    We think this is the best, multi-shot, reusable airsoft grenade we've seen. Easy to load (even in the field) simple to deploy and built for battle - Tectonic Innovations Quake 8 impact grenade is ideal for CQB or woodland and extremely cost efficient and space saving when compared to conventional paper pyro. A 40mm impact BFG with 7 apertures for 209 primers and 8th safe position, the Quake 8 is a tool-less loading process and a simple twist of the base to arm and re-arm. Get ready for a seismic shift at the feet of your opponents. Use responsibly and only at airsoft sites where it is safe to do so . Read all instruction before us and only use primers from reputable manufactures, failing to do so may cause damage and void warranty. For sale and use by over 18's only and is company policy to ask for verification you are a genuine skirmisher, Site membership defence is  always the fastest way for us to process any order where verification is required.
    Zombie Green