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  • Assault Trousers

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    Looking for a low cost pair of camouflage combat trousers that don’t fall apart after the first use? That don’t wash out after the first wash? Comfortable, durable and look good? Normally we’d say you are asking too much, but not with kombat UK’s great ACU style Assault Trouser. It takes all those boxes and more, and is available in regular British Terrain Pattern (BTP) camouflage and the darker BTP Black urban camo.
  • Assault Shirt

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    A great ACU style combat shirt for combat gaming, cosplay and outdoor wear with plenty of Velcro space Name/ID, Insignia and Morale patches. Choose between British Terrain Pattern woodland camouflage and British Terrain Pattern Black  urban camos
  • Xenon Jacket

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    Smart, warm and comfortable - the Xenon Jacket from Kombat UK is reversible cold weather jacket that keeps you extremely warm and looks contemporary and gets away from the surplus look. One side of the Jacket is a solid plain colour (Black or Green) and the reverse a full camouflage (British Terrain Pattern or BTP Black), brilliant for casual wear, durable as uniform and perfect for any adventure - a great lightweight jacket for bushcraft enthusiasts.
  • Large Dump Pouch

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    A great pouch for MOLLE belt systems, the Large Dump Pouch from Kombat UK is a versatile and useful pouch for being to able discard magazines quickly and sort them out again latter when time allows, or if you need to collect things up as you go. Airsofters that need a sturdy pouch for carrying large quantities of pyro in the field, the Large Dump Pouch is a great choice.
  • Camo Hoodie

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    Unisex adult camouflage hoodie with drawstring hood.