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  • Small MOLLE Assault Pack

    Rated 0 out of 5
    A 28 litre pack with multiple compartments for storage and three main areas for kit placement. Ideal for dad to day use or for mini adventures, this great adjustable pack comes with MOLLE loops across the front and down the sides of the bag for adding additional MOLLE pouches. In the rear compartment is a separate section for a hydration bladder (sold separately) up to 2.5 litres with sturdy points of attachment on the shoulder straps to run the drinking tube and bite valve.
    BTP Black
    Gun Metal
  • CFK 7 Camp Field Knife

    Rated 0 out of 5
    The CFK7 is the ultimate fixed blade knife from 5.11, a 7" blade camp knife thats perfect for bushcraft and wild camping or a sturdy dependable tool for military survival (both training and practice.) This item is collection in person only from Platoon Stores it will not be shipped.
  • CFK 4 Camp Field Knife

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    This item is collection in person only from Platoon Stores it will not be shipped.
  • Twist Lock Extending Bivi Pole

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    Easy to use, extending bivi pole, perfect for building a shelter. Extends from 50-90cm with twist lock collar so can be setup or packed away quickly and quietly. Use your eyeleted poncho or basha sheet with this product to create the perfect pitch to your shelter and great entrance or opening to see out from.  
  • Full Size PLCE 120 Litre Bergen BTP

    Rated 0 out of 5
    "everything including the kitchen sink!" That's what most people think of when you see a full size bergen strapped to someones back and whilst you can fill this 120 litre (full size) PLCE bergen with more than you'll need, you can also prepare and execute a number of outings and expeditions with this durable and comfortable bergen. Like the issue bergen, you can remove the two side pouches and incorporate them with the yoke provided to make an excellent 20 litre  'rocket pack' day sack. Perfect for military use, this bergen uses BTP camouflage pattern which works well with UK forces MTP or US Multicam patterns.
  • Large Army Fire Starter

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Kombat UK's large army style fire starter is an affordable striker and steel combo with lanyard loop designed to last up to 4000 strikes. Perfect addition to your survival kit and a great choice for UK Forces, Cadets, Scouts, bushcraft enthusiasts and more. Easy to grip, the large striker isn't as fiddly as some of the compact fire starters and gets the job done.
  • Commando Compact Stove

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    Compatible for use with military style mess tins and similar cooking pots, the Commando stove from Kombat UK is a lightweight, durable burner that takes up minimal space in your kit (ideal for webbing carry) and perfect for senior cadet and UK military personnel.
  • Paracord 15m

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    3mm x 15m (50ft)