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  • ASG Mk23 GNB Magazine 28rds

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    28rd replacement/spare magazine for ASG Mk23 Special Operations GNB pistols.
  • ASG Mk23 Special Operations GNB Pistol

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    Affordable with superb performance and extremely lightweight, ASG's Socom style MK23 Special Operations pistol is a gas non-blowback (GNB) sidearm thats silent and deadly. Perfect for sniper loadouts, the Mk23 comes supplied with a 28bb capacity magazine and a screw thread barrel that accepts the mock suppressor with internal barrel for extended range and accuracy. This products require a Airsoft Club/Site Membership to purchase. When you complete your order, in the cart/basket area, there is a box for you to enter you site membership in for us to verify. Upon successful verification your order with be dispatched. If you cannot or fail to provide a valid membership or legal defence under the VCRA Act your order will not fulfilled.