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  • Nuprol 2.0 Airsoft Gas

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    Our best selling airsoft gas, Nuprol 2.0 is a premium, high performance green gas for metal top slide pistols, SMGs and rifles. Traditionally a summer gas, we have found Nuprol 2.0 has had some great success in some guns year round (optimum temperature range 10°-25°C.)
  • Nuprol 3.0 Airsoft Gas

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    Only one thing better than Nuprol 2.0 gas at Platoon Stores .... and thats Nuprol 3.0 Red gas! Famed cold weather performance, Nuprol 3.0 is perfect for metal slide pistols and harder recoil guns for better shot consistency. Optimum operating temperature between 3°-10°C making it a good winter airsoft gas.
  • Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 (Aerosol)

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    Silicone 35 gun oil from Abbey is another great maintenance product you need in your arsenal. Lubricates, protects against corrosion. Silicone 35 is a light viscosity oil and a small drop goes a long way, a thin layer of Abbey Silicone Gun Oil across the metal surfaces of your firearm will prevent fingerprints, moisture and other substances from damaging the surface finish of your gun. The silicone finish provides a protective barrier against harmful finger grease, oxidation and moisture during everyday use and during storage.
  • Silicone Spray (180ml)

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    Nuprol silicone gun oil is designed for maintenance use on all gas airsoft guns and many other applications such as air guns.
  • Nuprol 4.0 Airsoft Gas

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    4.0 Black ultimate power gas from Nuprol, formulated for gas rifles and IPSC, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3°-10°C.)  
  • Nuprol 1.0 Gas

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    Nuprol 1.0 is a premium formula blue gas for plastic slide guns. Part of this winning formula contains silicone lubricant to help keep o-rings healthy and protect against rust and corrosion. A lower powered gas, Nuprol 1.0 is great for the summer or problematics gas guns that require a lower powered gas to maintain FPS. Read all instructions on the bottle before use.