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  • Inflatable Roll Mat

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Roll out, open the valve and allow the cavity to fill and expand (you can speed this up by blowing into the mat) and lock off the valve when you are happy with thickness (up to 3cm) then add your sleeping bag (sold separately) and enjoy a solid nights sleep. Need to pack this away in a hurry? Easy, open the valve and roll from the foot end and purge air quickly as you roll it away. Kombat UK's Inflatable Roll Mat is a great choice to get a good nights sleep for UK Armed Forces, UK Cadet forces and anyone else with a need or desire to sleep out in the field.
  • Military Roll Mat

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Don't rob yourself of a decent nights sleep out in the field. Get yourself a Military Roll Mat to insulate you from the cold under your bivi, in your tent or just out under the stars. Give yourself a waterproof foam base to sit and sleep on that can be rolled up in seconds, strapped to a bergen and you are off.
    • Size: 180 x 500 x 0.8cm
    • Weight: 200g